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New York, New York

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Aloft Chicago Mag Mile

Chicago, Illinois

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Why MoreHotels4Less?

You can find a variety of awesome discounts available worldwide. With MoreHotels4Less you can easily find the cheapest hotels. Simply enter where you want to go and your desired travel dates, and let our hotel search engine compare hotel rates for you. To refine your search results, simply filter by price, property types (e.g. cheap hotels, B&Bs, resorts), landmarks, review scores and a lot more. From budget hostels to luxury suites, MoreHotels4Less makes it easy to find the best hotel deals.

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Looking for value? There are two things you always want to focus on and that's location and amenities. By using our search tools, you an find the cheapest hotels with the right amount of creature comforts. Take advantage of our cheap hotels near me tool and use our exclusive maps to find the best hotel price and location. Even if you missed a booking window, fear not as our last minute hotel deals provide great rates for that spontaneous trip you want to take at the last minute.

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One way to save money on a cheap hotel room is to bundle your flights with our vacation packages. Our package deals include the hotel with cheap flights which could help you save hundreds on the overall cost of your trip. When you bundle the discounted rates for both the airline tickets and any of our cheap hotels, you will most likely save more than booking a hotel and reserving a plane ticket separately. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does MoreHotels4Less find discount rates?

MoreHotels4Less displays results from over 2M properties allowing us to find hotel deals up to 60% off. In addition, we update our room rates multiple times a day to ensure you are getting the best hotel deals.

Which is cheaper hotel or motel?

Motels are typically cheaper than hotels due to having fewer amenities such as a restaurant or fitness centers. If you're looking for more property amenities, hotels feature more luxurious accommodations such as room service, spas and more. 

How can I get cheap hotel deals?

Easy! Compare our prices and find the lowest rates on MoreHotels4Less. You'll find cheap hotel deals for the money. We consistently shop and show current prices on all types of lodging to ensure that you're getting the lowest rates.

Where to find cheap hotels near me?

Use our interactive maps to find hotels near me and make your hotel booking. Hotel prices are constantly updated and provide all the different hotel brands. Our maps show the current hotel prices so you can find the best hotel within your budget.

What day of the week is best to book hotels?

Friday and Saturday are usually the best days to make a hotel booking. The best advice is to keep checking MoreHotels4Less for the dates for your trip because prices can change at any time.

Do hotel prices go down last minute?

Yes! If you are spontaneous and wait a bit you can find cheap hotel deals that sometimes have a lower price. If hotels receive guest cancellations within 24-48 hours the hotel will sometimes offer lower room rates to ensure they fill those rooms.